Datum POS

Putting you in control of the retail details


Datum POS: designed with retailers in mind

Datum POS was designed through close consultation with retailers by a team of dedicated software engineers with years of experience in the retail sector. Not only does the Datum POS software incorporate all standard PoS features, but it is built to be adaptable, scalable and highly flexible with a range of additional features that bring the control back to the retailer.

Built with adaptation and flexibility in mind

Datum POS provides the opportunity for bespoke add-ons to be seamlessly integrated into day to day POS systems, enabling you to run things the way you want to. Contact us for information on how you can engage with Datum POS to add the extra features that you require.

Datum POS is the affordable EPOS solution that offers you that extra level of control. For information on key features and how we could save you money through our range of cost-saving features.

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Datum POS: Not just another generic solution. – Contact Us for More Information