Real Business Benefits

Real-Time Visibility – Datum POS provides real-time sales and customer related reporting that can be generated from a central database.

Flexibility – Datum POS provides highly flexible configuration settings to ensure that each system can be tailored to your requirements.

Security – Datum POS provides user access security at a detailed POS function level. The Datum POS server encrypts the data being transferred to/from the Datum POS, ensuring secured transmissions over the Internet.

Easy Operation – Datum POS is easy to use with its highly intuitive user interface. Single touch screen support is available for many common operations such as sale completion, payment, item return, suspend sale, and cash drawer opening.

Integrated Technology - Datum POS integrates barcode readers, weighing scales, pole displays, magnetic strip readers, and other POS technologies you rely on every day.

Minimum Downtime – Datum POS provides sophisticated techniques to ensure that even with the failure of services such as internet links, Datum POS can still operate to ensure that you do not lose any sales.

Multi-till/Store Operations – Datum POS supports multiple tills connected over a local area network (LAN) that links to your head office over the Internet.