Peace of mind with a simple solution

Insuring your home or car against the worst happening is something most people do without hesitation. Yet it’s surprising how many businesses still just hope for the best with regard to their IT infrastructure. Not only is a loss of data potentially catastrophic, any business that depends on its systems in its day to day work will grind to a halt. And that downtime costs you more money the longer it goes on.

Datum Technology Disaster Recovery services will have your business up-and-running again as quickly as possible. Just as importantly, we can plan ahead to ensure that the worst doesn’t happen to you. We’ll do this by examining your whole infrastructure and then devising a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

We’ll also provide extra hardware where necessary and ensure that everything is securely backed up. With our help, the expensive downtime will be kept to a minimum.

Anytime you do have an emergency, we’ll have a team of experts on site straight away to put the plan into action. You can leave the worrying to us and carry on with doing business. With Datum Technology at your side, rest assured that your problem doesn’t turn into a crisis.